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"When I first approached the investors who are now part of CAPE Fund, I promised them nothing but a major effort at demonstrating that entrepreneurship and the role models it creates would make a difference in the lives of this and future generations of aboriginal Canadians.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of the investors' response, particularly in these difficult times. We all have a responsibility to make our country a better place. This is what motivated them.

These investors recognized their responsibility, they recognized the need, and more than that they recognized that their leadership might help tip the balance. Such is the stuff of society’s progress."

- Paul Martin

Capital for Aboriginal Prosperity and Entrepreneurship


CAPE Fund's mission is to further a culture of economic independence, ownership, entrepreneurship, and enterprise management among Aboriginal peoples, on or off reserve through the creation and growth of successful businesses.

More specifically, in communities where economic opportunity and capable political leadership are present, CAPE intends to provide, within a spirit and in a context of partnership: equity and quasi equity capital, business expertise, and mentoring on individual projects that are capable of providing both a:

Financial Return: A reasonable return based on market conditions and transaction specifics and after taking into the costs associated with the Social Return. Social Return: consisting of the promotion of entrepreneurship, transfer of skills, and in most instances, ultimately the transfer of ownership/control to Aboriginal entrepreneurs or community.


CAPE Fund was initially capitalized by 21 of Canada’s leading companies, individuals and US based Foundations


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