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"When I first approached the investors who are now part of CAPE Fund, I promised them nothing but a major effort at demonstrating that entrepreneurship and the role models it creates would make a difference in the lives of this and future generations of aboriginal Canadians.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of the investors' response, particularly in these difficult times.  We all have a responsibility to make our country a better place.  This is what motivated them.

These investors recognized their responsibility, they recognized the need, and more than that they recognized that their leadership might help tip the balance.  Such is the stuff of society’s progress."

Paul Martin


CAPE Fund is a $50 million private-sector investment fund initiated by 21 of Canada’s leading companies, individuals and US based Foundations. CAPE Fund will be focused on mid-market opportunities with a strong degree of Aboriginal involvement and connection to Aboriginal communities throughout Canada. Its mission will require that it act with the same rigour, discipline and best practices with regards to the application of its investment guidelines, processes, and corporate governance standards applied in the private sector.